Why Beach Eye Care Online?

We wanted to offer convenient online services to our patients.  Sometimes you might want to stay home and have the option of shopping from the computer.  Remember that when you are purchasing from our online site you are not purchasing from just any glasses retailer.  You are purchasing from the Beach Eye Care Doctors and their team of combined years of experience.  We have taken the guess work out of the equation and offer you a quality product available online that will satisfy your needs. 

How Do You Price Your Frames Online?

When you purchase a complete pair of glasses in store at any of our Optical Shops and you do not have an insurance to apply we give you 30% off the retail cost of the glasses.  The frame pricing on our website already reflects this 30% discount and you will not be able to apply any additional discounts or insurance allowances to the order. 

What Kind of Lenses Do You Use and Why Did You Choose Them?

We only offer impact resistant lenses.  It is important that you have full UV protection from the front as well as the back of the lens.   ZEISS DuraVision Chrome UV offers a no glare solution as well as UV protection and is available in all of our packages purchased online.  This lens is an excellent option for patients who desire good quality.  You will also have available the thinner and lighter option needed for higher prescriptions.  If your prescription is higher than a + or – 4.00 then it is recommended that you choose the thinner option.  If you have selected a large frame style then the thinner option would also be best to help eliminate weight and lens thickness.  The free impact resistant option will be fine for large frames if the prescription is no higher than a + or – 2.00.

Do You Offer Blue Light Lenses?

We offer non-prescription blue light protection lenses that can be custom fit into almost any of the frames you find on this website.  A sharp increases in telecommuting and virtual schooling are raising concerns about the impact of so much screen time on our eyes. Studies are showing that increased exposure to blue light is slowing the production of melatonin in our bodies.  They are not just for people who require a prescription.  Increasingly,  consumers with excellent vision are asking for eye protection solutions from potentially harmful blue light and UV rays.  Prescription lenses with blue-light protection are also available.  We will soon have the New York Eye Collection available on the website and you get can order non-prescription blue light lenses in any New York Eye frames for $45.  

Can I Get Transition Lenses?  What Do I Need to Know?

We offer transition lenses from the actual Transition manufacturer.  They do not peel, flake, or discolor like the ones that you purchase from Optical retailers.  Optical retailers may replace them for you at no charge but why not just do it right the first time and use the ones that give you true performance?  The Transitions brand offers additional UV protection and most of all the convenience of leaving your needed sunglasses in the car.  Transitions are available online that change when exposed to UV radiation.    Transitions do not replace prescription sunglasses and are a good option for people who have light sensitivity and migraines.  They are a convenient option that will help get you to your sunglasses.

Can I Get Bifocals and Progressives Online?

Due to the sensitive measurements needed to give our patients optimum vision we only offer single vision lenses online.  The measurements for single vision lenses are also important but do not always require a height measurement that is critical for the placement of the bifocal or the start of the progression for the computer range on a progressive lens.  Beach Eye Care offers traditional lined bifocal technology as well as state of the art progressives that are not available at a typical optical retail.  Our Doctors recommend Varilux Progressives and specifically the Varilux X 4D with Transitions and Crizal No-glare.  This combination gives you the best protection as well as guards your eyes from end of the day fatigue from the use of digital devices.  Only with the use of an advanced measuring devices can you acquire the necessary data to make these lenses and each of our in store Optical shops are properly outfitted for your convenience.  If you are purchasing single vision online we will take the necessary measurements for you at our in store shops at no charge if you do not have or cannot acquire the pupillary measurement.  See our “How to get Pupillary Distance” page for more information when you are entering your prescription at lens selection.

What If I Want to Purchase Lenses In Your Store?  What Lenses Do You Use?

We use Crizal Lenses in our glasses purchased in store.  Crizal gives you the most and best protection for UV damage.  Crizal also lets the most available light possible pass through the lens.  Light transmission through a normal lens averages at 90%.  Crizal increases the transmission of light to 99%.  Developed by Essilor International and endorsed by third-party experts, E-SPF® is an index rating of the overall UV protection of a lens—and Crizal Sapphire 360˚ UV is the only lens to offer E-SPF 35.   Crizal EZ UV gives you a one year unconditional scratch warranty.  Crizal Sapphire 360 UV and Crizal Prevencia gives you a two year unconditional scratch warranty.  Whatever the situation, glare is distracting. Crizal UV lenses deliver superior clarity and transparency so you can stay focused no matter what you’re doing.

What Is Your Warranty for Glasses Purchased Online?

You will have a one year manufacturer warranty on the lenses and frames.  If there is a manufacturer's defect we will replace either at no charge.  You will have a one-time scratch replacement warranty for one year.  You will only pay $10 for shipping.  Contact [email protected] with your name and information so we can get your warranty started.